Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Beer Review

Is back! Temporary hiatus last week due to Ringo Starr concert....and here we go

Pompier Barleywine - From Pennichuck Brewing, Milford, NH. 12.1% alcohol. Really tasty barlewine. Full litre bottle. The PWC walkthroughs tomorrow could get dicey. I really enjoyed this.

Old Rusty's Red Rye Ale - Harpoon Brewery a little too fruity although the label says bready, whatever that means. Their IPA is better. Didn't realize they were from Boston...uggh the land of Kerry & Kennedy (& the Sux).

Ahhh Rochefort 10... Intermission!

By the way did not really like Dogfish's India Brown Ale. Am going to get a couple of 120's to celebrate the country that Barack Obama is going to demean on the 4th.

Afflingem Anno 1074 - 8.5% Alcohol. Light with a bite VERY good.

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