Monday, June 23, 2008

Ringo Starr

Got to see the latest iteration of the All Starr Band last night. It was really good, particularly for the price $35 and the fact that I had a great seat (and won some money from the Injuns to boot). Joining Ringo were Billy Squier(Lonely is the Night/The Stroke), Hamish Stuart (Average White Band), Edgar Winter (Frankenstein), Gary Wright (Dream Weaver)and Colin Hay (Men at Work). Each of the All Starr's did their particular hit. Ringo opened it with "It Don't Come Easy" and performed the following, not in order and not sure complete (or accurate):

What Goes On (Nice... Rubber Soul)
I Wanna Be Your Man (i.e, throwaway to the Stones)
Yellow Submarine (Nice Revolver .... A big singalong!)
Act Naturally (Help!)
Oh My My (Have not heard this in years)
Memphis In Your Mind (Really good, may download)
Boys (First heard this on Live at the Hollywood Bowl)
Don't Pass Me By (White Album)
Liverpool 8 (New Tune, New Album not bad...This is Ringo's autobiographical song like Penny Lane or Strawberry Fields Forever) It is not on par with those two but it is a good effort.
With A Little Help From My Friends
Give Peace A Chance (aka Neville Chamberlain's Theme Song)

I know I am probably missing something but this is close enough. I will say it was really good. The drag was Hamish Stuart who is a great musician but AWB is not my taste. Billy Squier was great, Colin Hay was fun to see as Men at Work was big when I was a freshman in college. The guy who surprised me though was Edgar Winter, Free Ride/Frankenstein. I used to really hate them on the three song play list on PLR but did enjoy them live. The funny thing was sitting in the crowd listening to the opening music. I was expecting to hear the obligatory Dixie Chicken by Little Feat (Can someone explain to me why the fuck song that is popular?) instead I heard Satan is Real/Straight to Hell by Hank III. Who knew Ringo was so cool.


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Ringo Buys A Rifle