Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More signs that our liberties are in danger

From the NY Sun

As a recently reformed smoker I have no doubt that smoking in an enclosed car with your kids in it is not a good thing. But under no circumstances do I want a Federal, State or Local legislator dictating to me what I do in my own property if the activity is legal. If you are that against cigarettes, criminalize tobacco (and then say good-bye to the death-money i.e., cigarette taxes) that you collect.

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adam said...

liberal baby boomers have ruined a once great we must legislate what should be common sense to protect us from our own selves?shouldn't this be a sort of darwinism to thin the (way over populated) herd? protecting the stupid from themselves is really unnescessary.some people should die.using gov't.mandates to strip us of our liberties is just plain ridiculous.stick a fork in our collective ass and turn us over,we're done!