Sunday, August 12, 2007

Album Recommendation

Endless Wire - The Who

I have to say I thought this was very good. Reminds me alot of Quadrophenia. Rogers voice is a bit shot but for a group that hadn't released an album in 20+, this is not bad.


adam said...

i'll have to take a closer listen.but i find it hard to believe that the geriatric brit-rockers,who"hope they die before they get old"are still capable of churning out anything that could come close to a masterpiece such as fact i find most of the post moon stuff to be crap.

Jimmy said...

Listen again, it's not bad.....but I there is one thing. The album came with a four song dvd, one of which was Baba O'Reilly. It was disconcerting seeing Roger sing about teenage wasteland with some sort of hearing aid in his ear.