Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dangerous Book for Boys

This looks like it would be a great read. With all the sissification that has been going on the past 20 years, this is probably much needed. This specifically mentions hunting and cooking a rabbit. I specifically remember being in Scouts going to a winter camporee where some Green Berets were giving a demonstration on outdoor survival skills, specifically for winter time. They had a live rabbit which they proceeded to fill, clean & cook over an open fire. The audience of kids was probably between 11-13 at the time. Can you imagine something like that being demonstrated today! As for the final bit of information, one of the Green Berets told us that to use the pelt from the rabbit you would have to cure it. If you did not have the proper chemicals to do that urine would be good.

This was one experience I will always remember.


Anonymous said...

i bet the kids may be o.k. with the demonstration . its the parents that would throw a fit .

the gator

jb said...

i can't stand those soft, ineffectual baby-boomer loser parents. i never wore a helmet while riding a bike as a child, or as an adult, childproof anything was non-existent, and bullying was not a litigious matter.

mc said...

What did they "fill" it with?

Baby boomers are, as a generation, self-castrated laughing stocks.

They loath every quality which gave rise to their luxury.