Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

And I am going on a Bender! No Not Norm

1) Olde Hickory - Irish Walker - 10.0% - English Style Barleywine. No Hops at all but a very smooth malt caramel bomb. This is so tasty. Got this via a trade. Pretty outrageous! Another Bottle is going into the cellar immediately!

2) New England Brewing - 668 Chardonneighbor Of The Beast been waiting for this...all hail the Goat Lord! (668 beer aged in Chardonnay Barrels)
A) Pour reveals a nice golden hue, head quickly dissipates.
S) Probably one of the best I have had relative to the smell. Chardonnay really pops.
T) Not at all like the base beer, the phenols have muted and what you have is a nice wine forward taste. There is a lot of oak and vanilla with just a nice finish of pepper.
M) Very tart...I like!
O) I agree with the first reviewer...their best beer!

3) 21'st Ammendment - Lower da Boom - Barleywine...kind of weak.

4) Green Flash - Palate Wrecker 9.5% - Great beer! Absolutely no malts all hops. Great grapefruit zest taste!

5) Ommegang - Art of Darkness - 8.9% - Very good belgian strong dark ale. Better than seduction.

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