Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Beer Review! (St. Paddy's Day Version)

Uh Oh!

1) Dogfish Head - Noble Rot - 9% - A Saison with a bit of a grape forward taste (which they tell you about). This is nice. Extremely drinkable and crystal clear. Might get another one if it hangs around long enough.

2) Dogfish Head - 75 Minute IPA - A mix of 60 and 90. This was brewed with Maple syrup. This was formally known as Johnny Cask but they had to change the name due to IP reasons. I've seen different reviews on this. It is good but not as hop forward as advertized.

3) Maine Beer Company - MO - 6.0% - Very tasty pale ale. Thankfully it is available in NY.

4) Oskar Blues - Deviant Dales 8% - Not sure of the difference between tins and Gubna but very well done!

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