Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gonna Start Early Beer Review!

Right to it.....

1) Firestone Walker - Double Barrel Ale - 5.0% - English Pale Ale - Malts up front a little piney oily hops. What you would expect for the style. Would prefer a tropic bomb. Glad to have tried.

2) Pretty Things - Lovely Saint Winifride - 7.0% - Euro Dark Lager - Pretty damn biteer. Love these guys as brewers, not a fan of the style. A bit too bitter.

3) Alesmith - X 5.0% - Extra pale Ale. Got this as part of a trade and believe I can get this in NY. One of the better pale ale's out there.

4) Bluepoint - No Apologies DIPA - 10% - Good - I think I got spoiled with the Ghandi Bot today though.

5) Stone Brewing - More Brown than Black IPA - 7% - Collaboration with the Alchemist and some other brewer. Best nose beautiful floral notes. Tasty too!

6) Alpine Beer Company - Alpine Ale - 5.0% - Nice Extra Pale Ale...slightly too malty at the end. Reason to move to California noted.

7) Goose Island - Bramble Rye Bourbon County Brand Stout - 12.7 % - Bottle number 1022 poured into a snifter glass. Pours a nice jet black, no head which is to be expected given the experiences with its cousins. A little red hue is noticed at the edges. The nose gives off some very nice rasberry smell. Taste is very interesting as you get that classic BCBS flavor but it is a bit different with the raspberry and blackberry flavors. The berries are up front and the finish is whiskey. This is very good hopefully this is not the last we see of this.

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