Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

Pretty lame showing last week....hopefully will be making up for lost beer! Might hit 1,100 by next week or so. Have something special for that.

1) Lagunitas - Imperial Red - 7.8% - Tasty strong ale. Thought this would have been a bit hoppier but the IBU's are at 54. This is way too easy to drink.

2) Sixpoint - Spontaneous Contruction - Smoked Beer unknown ABV - Not a big fan of smoked beer but this is really good. There is a nice sweetness to this that is balance with just a slight bit of smokiness. Well done Sixpoint!

3) Bear Republic - Mach 10 - 9.2% - A Bit more malty and bitter than I would like. Kind of like these guys wanted to make an east coast IPA.

4) Midnight Sun Sockeye Red ...nice IPA done!

4) McTarnahan's - Spine Tingler Tripel 8.5% - Bubble gum bomb!...nice but too sweet.

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