Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Beer Review!

1) Lawsons Finest Liquids - Double Sunshine IPA - 8.0% Thrilled to even have a chance to try this...poured into a tulip glass. Appearance) Nice golden hue with a frothy head, very good retention. Taste) Oh man this is fantastic. Upfront sweetness from the mango and pineapple is prevalent. Some lemon zest shows up in the middle and the finish is crystal clean. When you have a beer that gives you all the flavors up front and finishes this clean you have something special. Overall) These hops rule!

2) Samuel Adams - Cinder Bock - 9.4% - Interesting beer from their small batch series....get so interesting sweetness up front, then so smokiness in the back. Alchohol extremely well hidden. For 6.99 a bomber not bad!

3) Cambridge Brewing Company - Tripel Threat - 10.0% - Supposedly the first commercially produced US Tripel. Tasty but kind of a Tripel light.

4) Cambridge Brewing Company - 8.0% The Audacity of Hops - OK this is an off take on a Pre preseidential Obama memoir...But still this beer is very good. My only issue is that this is supposed to be a Belgian IPA but drinks like a DIPA.

5) Slumbrew - Happy Sol 5.5% - This is a brewery from Mass (great name). This is a Hefeweizen brewed with Honey and Blood Oranges. Pretty tasty although I don't get the phenols I would like.

6) Deschutes Brewery - Hop in the Dark - 6.9% - Received in a trade...Their black IPA. A little past the freshness date (but that was made up in the trade). Still worth the deal.

7) Saint Arnold - Divine Reserve 11 - Another one from the trade...a bit old but still good! This is a double IPA.

8) Boulevard Brewing - Chocolate Ale - 9.1% -
The Chocolate flavor is kind of nice. Get a bit more vanilla than I would have thought. Very easy drinking....

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