Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Beer Review

There is a friggin' Nor'Easter going on outside so I don't think I will do any walking today. That said I have a couple of tasty treats in the fridge that I haven't gotten to. I should be Adam-Bombed by the 4 o'clock game!

1) Avery - The Kaiser - Imperial Oktoberfest - 10% - Bottled in 08. Typical overly sweet Avery Beer. I thought it was a barleywine. I'm pretty sure the Kaiser is a divisive figure. Maybe the NFL will take away my viewing rights!

Kind of off topic rant - Went to the Uconn/Louisville game with the ever intrepid Gator yesterday. Rentschler Field, as a sporting venue, had one of the better selections of beer that I have seen on the East Coast. Good for them.

2) The Bruery - Tradewinds - 8.1% - Belgian Tripel - Brewed with Rice & Thai Basil - Small hints of the Banana flavor, - Rice/Thai Basil gives it a spicy taste. I like this. Not quite like anything I've tasted before. A spicy tripel with a little vanilla? Is saying vanilla divisive?


Adam said...

I resemble that remark!

alfred said...

Public intoxication is a crime?
That explains why I keep waking up in jail. I thought I was blacking out and robbing banks.