Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mountainview Plaza Wines & Liquors

Made my maiden voyage up there, my first true off weekend after tax season. Good place alot of different beers. I have to make up my mind if they had more than Amity Wine & Spirits. That may be a (God willing) lengthy research project. On to the beer:

Old Marley Barley Wine Style Ale - This was really good. I notice that it is brewed in Bloomfield CT by the Thomas Hooker Brewing Company. This may be worth a road trip.

V 12 Ale - Victory Brewing Company - Not bad, the 12% alcohol volume may effect future posts. By the way I don't know why these microbreweries fell the need to give directions on how to drink their product. As I think I said before, I don't tell them how to brew.

Grimbergen Double Ale - Belgian Import - 6.5% alcohol - Not impressed.


Adam said...

Amity proves a worthy adversary, but I'd give the nod to Mountview. Terry is one of the most knowledgeable beer merchants, he has some more obscure items, and then there's "the back".

JB said...

Mountview also puts out a nice newsletter.

Adam said...

What makes a great beer retail store? This article will shed some light.

mc said...

I gotta get down with Terry on this one. Loyalty is easy when your loyal to the best.