Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beer Recommendation

Those of you who know me know that I am pretty generic in my beer tastes. Give me a Schaeffer or PBR and I am pretty happy. The other day returning from Norm's house I stopped at this liquor store on Rte 110. I needed to get a bottle of Merlot & I saw this beer called Sara, it is imported from Belgium and certified organic by the fruitcakes from California. It looked very dark when I poured it, but I was very surprised by the light clean taste. It says it is a buckwheat ale, (6%). There was a website on the label that looks interesting.


adam said...

I agree, the website is definitely worth a look. the Belgians brew the best beer on the planet.

Jimmy said...

More so on the site, the beer was good. Am really getting into Hank 3

adam said...

I hear ya,"straight to hell" is perhaps the finest country record ever made. I even love disk 2 with its revolution #9 type weirdness.