Monday, January 7, 2013

National Championship Beer Review

Figure the Irish will get smoked...Oh well!

1) Narragansett - Private Stock Imperial IPA - 8,6% - Fairly Solid Double IPA especially given the price point, about 6 bucks or so.  Would buy again!

and I was right, although did not go very far out on a limb

2) The Bruery - Rueuze - 5.9% - Nice sour beer, very blonde almost see through.  Just a hint of sweetness to balance out.  Getting a few for the summer!

continuing on...

3) Karbach - Fra*Gee*Lay - 8.0% - A bourbon barrel version of their winter warmer - Yule Shoot your Eye out Kid.  This is a Ginger Bread Cookie with molasses!

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