Monday, January 14, 2013

Because I don't know how to edit an Old Post

1) Captain Lawrence - Winter Ale about 6% or so.  Malt with a little (as in very) spice.  Not bad for a $10 64 oz. growler!

Might have found the way...I hate blogger!

2) Southport Brewing - Big Chill - 9% - Winter Warmer, had this on tap in BPT of all places very nice beer.  Some chocolate notes and easily drinkable!

3) New Glarus - Enigma - Fruit/Vegetable Beer - Around 5.5% or So - Cherry Ale - Light Lambic I guess - Pretty tasty - With the Cherry you get some slight spice and vanilla.  Glad to have tried.

4) New Glarus - Apple Ale - Even better than the above.  Better than cider, just a slight hint of clove!  Outstanding!

5) Black Diamond - Bourbon Barrel Aged Grand Cru - 9.0% - Says it is a Dubbel but to me a winter warmer because of the chocolate taste.  Not bad for (if I remember) a reasonably cheap price!

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