Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Alright I know most of these have been fits and starts over the last few weeks. I have a couple in the fridge that I am hoping I can get to. So in honor of Obama selling out Poland here goes:

1) 21st Amendment - Brew Free or Die IPA 7.0% - This is my go to IPA. It is so good. I walked by the brewery near ATT park in San Fran but didn't want to go in as I had a non-familiar subway to deal with. You can get this in NYC or closer in Westchester. Well worth it.

2) Speakeasy - Double Daddy - Imperial IPA - 9.5% - Hey made it to a second one. Another solid IPA not as hoppy as a 21st Amendment. The alcohol content is sneakier. I really like these west coast IPA's. Have a River Horse IPA offering chilling as we speak so we'll see if the East Cost can make a challenge.

3) Atwater Block Brewery - Voodoo Vator - 9.5% Dopplebock - Very rich, does have a bit of a hoppy bite though. This would be a great beer with a steak!

4) River Horse - Hop A Lot Amus - DIPA - 8.5%. Not as subtle as it's West Coast Cousins (but very good). Going to have to do more research on the West Coast/East Coast IPA challenge!


Adam said...

I just finished a Lagunitas Hop Stoopid (102 IBU's!!!)... "So Hoppy that it threatens to remove the enamel from one's teeth."

alfred said...

I just drank some Miller... in a can!

Ida said...

Al, you're all class.

Jimmy said...

Al at least have a PBR. Surprised you are not drinking a Colt 45.

Harris said...

Colt .45?!
All you conservatives are racists!