Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inaugural Growler Fill!

A few weeks back I mentioned this place, Decicco's, in Ardsley NY as a place to buy beer. It is about a 50 minute ride from the 'Port and you can get Growler fills. Not sure if there is any place closer that does growler fills, but it is a reasonably pleasant ride and they have a great staff. I bought an Elysian Brewing Loser's Pale Ale (aptly named for this author). Good beer although a bit flat. I think that had to do with my growler which was a screw top. I may invest in a better one.

As an aside...and I know this is not the forum normally for my political ruminations, but if a Brit Journalist is calling you President Pantywaist, you may want to turn in the Nuclear Codes.


alfred said...

... and furthermore, the president of France is mocking him! France for Christ's sake!

alfred said...

almost forgot the link.
obama sarkozy pdf

Jimmy said...

Would like to buy Alfred a 40 dog of Colt 45 some day!

Ida said...

(TAP, TAP, TAP) is this thing on?
Jimmy can you hear me?
No posts in like 3 weeks. did you stop blogging? did you stop drinking?!