Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Politician fights to ban Obese from restaurants

Some nitwit whose parents were obviously related (hey he is from Mississippi) introduced legisaltion to ban the obese from restaurants to shed light on the obesity problem in Mississippi and American as a whole. That he is a Republican shames me. Of course it takes a Yalie to make a politician look smart with a comment like this:

"It would be hard to concoct something more ridiculous," says Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity."This brings bias against obese individuals to a new and appalling level, and at a time when significant progress is being made in the effort to stop blaming obesity on the people who have it and to address the social and political conditions that drive it."

Kelly, why don't you do something constructive like go play on I-95 or better yet figure out which mommy figure you want to vote for, Barack or Hillary. The before and after pictures above prove that I know more about this than you. I was obese. I can't say if I will become obese again. It was nobody's fucking fault but mine. It wasn't "social and political conditions" that caused it. It wasn't George W. that caused it. It wasn't the recent failures of the Yankees or Uconn Men's Basketball team that caused it. To steal a line from Led Zeppelin (who probably stole it from someone else). It's Nobody's Fault but Mine!


Adam said...

Blind Willie Johnson was singing that song back in the '20's, and the 'Dead performed it as early as '66.

jb said...

I love the before and after photos.

jb said...
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