Friday, February 1, 2008

Charles Krauthammer

Nails this one particularly. In my words, Bill Clinton spoiled childish brat and emblamatic of the boomer generation:

"Clinton is a narcissist but also smart and analytic enough to distinguish adulation from achievement. Among Democrats, he is popular for twice giving them the White House, something no Democrat has done since FDR. And the bouquets he receives abroad are simply signs of the respect routinely given ex-presidents, though Clinton earns an extra dollop of fawning, with the accompanying fringe benefits, because he is (a) charming and (b) not George W. Bush.
But Clinton knows this is all written on sand. It is the stuff of celebrity. What gnaws at him is the verdict of history. What clearly enraged him more than anything this primary season was Barack Obama's statement that "Ronald Reagan changed the trajectory of America in a way that ... Bill Clinton did not."


Adam said...

I've been singing a similar tune for years. I've taken it a step further to even suggest, that while being charming and charismatic, Slick Willie is downright evil. Scum. Does anyone really want even another second of those two in the White House? These people are beyond liberal,self serving opportunists.His legacy is one of shame. This affirmative action candidacy sickens me. I will not vote either of them. I suppose I'll just hold my nose and pull the lever for whichever ultra liberal republican gets the nod. I would vote for Connie Rice, should she choose to run. probably never happen,

mc said...

I'm writing in a vote for Christy Romano. She started locally.