Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bush 37% Congress 22%

While these are not great approval numbers Bush still beats Congress per Gallup (Hat tip to Drudge). Also (Via Instapundit) Jules Crittendon makes a very fair and persuasive case for Bush on the economy and foreign policy. Not that I expect that most of the electorate would understand it. The problem with this administration is that they have the PR skills of a rock.

Can't wait to see if either Barack, Hillary or John take the White House and summarily wreck the American economy by federalizing health care and the real estate industry.

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adam said...

jimmy, you're missing the point. it doesn't matter what they do.bush=bads liberals/democrats=good,or some bullshit like that. maqybe its time to start rooting for the terrorists,or maybe its time to vote towards a quick end to this mess.put the country out of its need for a slow and agonizing demise, just vote for hillary and put a bullrt in the skull of this once great nation.