Thursday, October 18, 2007

Torre 2

Matt puts in the comment section on my previous post that he would like to see some more opinion on this subject. Now that I am sufficiently liquored up I figure I will put my two cents in. Spelling credit will hopefully be optional. As an aside before I ramble, Bud Selig must be thrilled as the Yankees have eclipsed the post season.

Torre should have been given a 2 year extension at his current salary. Here are the reasons why:

1) Randy Levine (President COO Whatever) states that the Yanks wanted to move toward an incentive based (field managerial) compensation package. That is fine. Will that standard apply to the individuals who signed (amongst some notables) Kei Igawa, Jaret Wright & Carl Pavano? That is about $100 million right there and we are quibbling on cutting Torre's salary by $2.0 million? I know we all wish we could have our salaries cut by $2.0 million but it needs to be put in contect for this industry.

Specific to Torre
1) Who is qualified (baseball & media wise) to replace him!

2) Who other than Torre could have held this ship together in May/June when all Yankee fans (including myself) were panicking and all the new (since 2004) Red Sox fans were celebrating the Yankees demise? Donnie Baseball? I think not!

3) I previously posted that the coaching combination Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy & Casey Stengel could not have managed past the 19.60 era performance of Chien Ming Wang. I still stand by that.

4) In the past, free agents, most notably Greg Maddux, did not want to come to the Bronx because they thought it was a circus. Torre changed that perception to where players wanted to come to the Yankees. Torre gets 100% credit there.

5) Torre did a great job incorporating the youngsters into the lineup.

6) 12 straight years in the playoffs ain't easy.

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Anonymous said...

1. There is no other managerial canidate better to replace torre as of right now

2. i think the yanks front office ( randy levine ) knew torre wouldnt accept the one year deal and i also feel the front office ( randy levine ) had no intentions of re-hiring torre .

3. i like torre but as much as he deserves to stay i feel the team needs a shake-up . be it firing guidry ( thats what i would have done ) or ridding themselves of players like farnsworth , giambi , moose , clemens ( they did , i know ) and any body else that isnt coming close to pulling thier weight .

4. chien-ming wang is a great #2 guy in the rotation . the yanks are a certified ace away from returning to glory . that being said ...

5. trade one of these young guns and who ever else it takes to get johan santana . the twins have said theyre entertaining offers this off-season so go get him . johan , pettitte , wang , hughes , and either kennedy or joba . now that would be a great rotation .

the gator