Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2007 Yankees

RIP. Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy & Casey Stengel could not have won if their "Ace" had an ERA over 19 in two games. So for all the long time (since 2004) citizens of "Red Sox Nation", I have 2 words...."Go Tribe!" May the plague of Gnats from Lake Erie can visit Fenway and infest Manny & Big Papi.

By the way, firing Torre would be a mistake. I can't think of anyone other than Girardi who I would want to come in. Definitely don't want to see that jinx Mattingly as the next manager. If A-Rod does opt out of his contract, I might let him go (as the Yankees will loose the Texas Rangers subsidy). The goal on out should be to look at the model of the late 1990's and get back to that. Let A-Rod go to San Francisco as the Giants would be looking for an attraction to replace Barry Bonds.

A disgruntled Yankee Fan.


Anonymous said...

1. offer a-rod a raise and extension before the yanks lose the money from the rangers ( 15 days ) .

2. mo , abreu , posada , molina all have to come back .

3. trade anybody but joba and hughes for johan santana . the twins have said theyre entertaining offers for him .

4. as far as torre is concerned i dont see a good replacement choice . girardi may not be the best fit and some of the old timers ( that means you jimmy ) dont think mattingly will be good manager at all . i think he would be some time in the future but after 2 years as batting coach and one as bench coach - he has alot to learn . i say give torre a 2 year deal after which time give mattingly a one yr deal .

i heard rumors of larussa to replace torre . thats no good either

the gator

Jimmy said...

Disagree on 1), agree on 2), 3)I would consider Hughes or Kennedy (not both) in a Santanna package, 4)I just think Mattingly is jinxed not sure what kind of Manager he would make.

Absolutely agree on LaRussa

adam said...

oh well, at least we have closure.and with baseball over GO ISLANDERS!!!!