Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another top 100 done

Number 68!

Cascade - Sang Noir - 9.5% - Wild Ale - Really looking forward to this one! Poured into a wine glass.
A) Very nice ruby red thin head that quickly dissipates.
S) Very ripe cherries, one of the better smelling beers I've had!
T) Starts out nicely tart but midway through there is some sweetness from the cherries to balance out. Nice acidity at the end.
M) Carbonation is mild. Alcohol very well hidden.
Enjoyed this one alot!

Also going to through in a NebCo one I forgot about

New England Brewing - Premeditated Murder!

This is an interesting beer. Had a bottle a few days ago and thought it was pretty much of a Malt Bomb. The one I have right now is very hoppy. This one is so much better IMHO, there is so much up front hoppiness that is balanced out with a nice creamy caramel and toffee. Was going to give one of the bottles I picked up as a gift...not now! Well done!

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