Monday, October 8, 2012

All Week Beer Review!

Alot of sports going on so I am going to continue on.  Plus I need to make rook in the fridge as I have 4 boxes coming!

1) East End Brewing - Smokestack Heritage Porter - 6.8% - Nice smoked porter received in a trade.  Finely got around to this.  A bit thin which is what I would figure but a nice amokiness.  Glad to have ticked!

2) Green Flash - Double Stout - Very dry and malty, there is a bitter chocolate and burnt coffee taste as well.  Not sure where the 8.8% alcohol is.  Glad they have finally come to CT.

3) Central Waters - Kasmyk Charlies Y2k Catastrophe Ale - 10% another BW from these fine folks, except not barrel aged.  BA says it is an American Style but I get more of an English feel as there is absolutely no hops whatsoever.  Pretty tasty!

4) Alltech's Lexington Brewing - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale - 8.19% - English strong ale,  Nice amber color and you really get a load of vanilla with this.  A little bitter at the end though which does not bode well for the morning commute.  Overall not bad!

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