Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend beer review

It's a rainin' and I ain't a walkin'

1) Moylans - Double IPA - 8.5% I think I like this better than their Hopsickle. You can really taste the alcohol and the hops are very piney. Very dry and very good!

Just heard the Gator & Adam are in Syracuse headin' to the Blue Tusk.....god help that bar! Gator's been on a pretty good beer run lately. Hoping to follow suit!

2) Moylans - Kilt Lifter Scotch Style Ale - 8.0% - I really don't like Scotch Ale's. I'm done with this style.

3) McNeill's Champ Ale - 5.5% brought for me by my friend Wendy from the Peoples Republic of Vermont! I was suprised at this as I did not expect the hoppiness to approach the citrus taste like my favorites from California. This is good enough where I might be tempted to do a little exploration in Vermont to search out some other gems. Very good session beer.

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