Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Beer Review!

Decided to start before I go on my afternoon walk which has always proven to be a stupid idea. Well let the tactical error begin!

1) Smuttynose Gravitation - 8.5% Belgian Quad style - Smutty was at the Whole Foods in the Bowery yesterday. I sampled this and decided to buy it. Certainly not a Rochefort 10 but you know what it reminds me of?....A Dogfish Raison De'tre (spelling is optional here). Good beer, just the kind of Rocket Fuel to get me going.

This actually leads me to a couple of subjects:

Dude don't bogart the beer sampling - There was this little beer dweeb who kept yammering away at the guy from Smutty. I was thirsty and just wanted a sample I just finally pushed my way in. Dude no one cares about how many yeast strains that you have heard of. Step aside and let someone else in.

Kelso of Brooklyn shows up at Whole Foods this upcoming Friday. There stuff is not in bottles, but if it's available in Growlers I may pick one up. Interested in growler tips from MC & Adam.

2) Harpoon - The latest in the Leviathan Series Big Bohemian Pilsner - 9% ABV - Another big beer. Tasty, although maybe a bit bitter. Definitely work a try.


Adam said...

You are correct on the optional spelling for that Dogfish Head brew.I prefer to spell it Raison d'Extra.
Please feel free to phone/email re any growler concerns.

Tex said...

Actually, Raison d'Extra and Raison d'Etre are two different beers offered by Dogfish Head. Raison d'Extra is "a bigger, bolder version our Raison d'Etre" according to the official description.

Adam said...

Now I know how Dennis Miller felt on Monday Night Football.