Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Beer Review

Yay beer! Brooklyn Brewery. Chocolate Stout. This is my favorite brewery and might be the inspiration to take up my own home brewing. This is subtle (isn't that pretentious!) and really packs a wallop (10.8% Alcohol). It blows Guinness away.

Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale - Very good, still looking for something to overtake Rochefort 10 but have yet to find it.

Rougue Chocolate Stout - Not as good as Brooklyn but more Chocolatey if that makes sense.

Omemgang Witte - Not their best offering

Thomas Hooker IPA Hop Meadow - I'm not sure I like these "hoppy beers". I think the Barleywines, Belgians and Stouts are more my style.

All beers via Anconas in Ridgefield, CT. Great place.

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