Saturday, January 5, 2008

Take a Trip with Jimmy Part 7

As I continue on Barham I end up on the outskirts of Burbank. I bang a left on Riverside Drive and see the Bob's Big Boy that I had many drunken meals at in 1996. The town I am now in is Toluca Lake. This is the main reason for the trek. I am in search of the bar that me, Flynn & McGowan (three Irish guys in a bar is that bad luck...or expected?) hung out for a good part of our stay for Capitol Records. Lo and behold, there it is Timmy Nolan's! It was the only decent bar in the area.

We had the good fortune to drink with two legends there. The first was Art Donovan. Art was a member of the 1958 Colts who played the New York Giants in the Championship game that basically launched the NFL as a television entity. Art used to do commercials and some sit com stuff. He was out there doing a pilot with George Gervin in a Sports Bar themed sit com. Flynn, whose brother went to BC with Art's son (that was our intro to talk to Art), says hey you are basically playing Norm from Cheers! Art thought that was great and I think we decided another drink was in order. Here is another piece of trivia for Jimmy readers, Art's father was a big time boxing referee and was the third man in the ring for Louis-Schmeling 2 at Yankee Stadium.

The second was Roscoe Lee Browne as you can see he had a long and distinguished career in acting and I remember seeing him in some John Wayne movies from the seventies. I am not sure which one of us said to him, Hey we recognize you from John Wayne movies. Roscoe said to us (without missing a beat) "John was in some Roscoe Lee Browne movies! It was a great comeback.

This stroll down memory lane was fun. Hope you enjoy it!

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Adam said...

3 Irishmen in a bar is bad luck, to be expected, and sounds likr the setup for a joke.